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My Story
   Once upon a time, there was a little girl who believed in magic.  She knew that her inner whispers were a divining rod that would guide her to a life of Joy and Authenticity, as long as she just kept listening.
     Her grown up years were spent coloring outside the lines, pushing the boundaries, and never quite conforming to the way things should be.  By believing in the magic and never wavering from her Authentic Self, she was able to pursue her genius and let it rip...
     This magical pursuit has culminated in Mixing Whimsy by Molly ~ a collection of vintage-inspired gifts and one-of-a-kind art showcasing her magical, whimsical style and her love for discarded, funky, and timeworn treasures.
     Molly creates her enchanting pieces in her studio; nestled in the hills of Northern California, it is filled with the things she loves ~ tarnished bits of jewelry, antique books, French manuscripts, baskets of ribbons, good strong coffee and grooving tunes to keep things moving!
     Molly's deepest hope is for people to feel a sense of joy and inspiration when they are in the midst of her creations.  It's the reason she does what she does.  Here's to believing in magic and pursuing your own particular genius!  XO
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